When Should I Changeout My Baghouse?

Many Factors Affect Filter Bag Life

Replacing filter bags in your baghouse is a critical and necessary part of ensuring that your dust collector runs efficiently and that your plant complies with all regulatory requirements. Each situation is different. Dust Collector Maintenance

The frequency of bag changeouts depends on a variety of factors including the size and type of dust collector, number and type of bags or filters that the baghouse contains, type of particulate matter you are collecting, cleaning frequency, air flow, temperature, moisture and corrosives content, air quality/regulatory requirements, and many other factors.

C.P. Environmental (CPE) is a leading provider of dust collector maintenance services such as our complete filter bag changeouts. Our full-time, OSHA safety-trained and certified service crews have over 40 years of expertise in performing baghouse maintenance. CPE’s maintenance professionals understand the importance of replacing bags in a safe, professional, timely, and efficient manner.

When you depend upon the knowledge and efficiency of CPE’s team of full-time maintenance professionals, it means not only peace-of-mind but less down-time and greater productivity for your operation.

Contact us to learn more about implementing a filter bag changeout schedule that is right for your facility and one that will help in fully optimizing your baghouse’s performance.