Pressure Gauges & Controls

Magnehelic® pressure gauges are used to measure the differential pressure between the “clean” gas side and the “dirty” gas side of the baghouse. The Photohelic® gauge is a Magnehelic gauge with the capability to allow a collector to clean-on-demand. Photohelic and Magnehelic pressure gauges can be visually checked anytime to monitor system problems.


Pressure Control_PhotohelicPhotohelic models combine the Magnehelic gauge with a precise pressure switch that lets you control low and high gas pressures. Knob controls adjust dual set points, which allow for variable deadband control. The Photohelic gauge allows for “on-demand” cleaning which not only saves you money through decreased compressed air usage, but also extends the life of your filters.





Pressure Gauge_MagnehelicMagnehelic pressure gauges are the industry standard for measuring fan and blower pressures, and filter resistance, as experienced in a dust collector or baghouse.






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