Precoat Filter Aid

Filter AidThrough the use of precoat filter aid, CPE can help you prevent blinding and plugging of your filter bags. When introduced into the gas stream of your baghouse, this dry, chemically inert, non-toxic powder properly coats and conditions your filter bags. Not only can the filter aid be used as an initial control layer for your start-up, but it can be continuously injected into the gas stream to blend with the process dust to help collection efficiencies. It also helps mitigate spark damage when used as a control layer and protects your filter bags from moisture, oils and hydrocarbons.

Available Sizes:

  • 30 lb. bags
  • 440 lb. Semi Bulk Bags (Supersacks)
  • Pneumatic Truck Load, for Large Installations

Contact us to learn how you can incorporate precoat filter aid to increase bag life, decrease differential pressure and minimize costs associated with baghouse operations.