Leak Detection Powder

Leak Detection Powder ColorsLeak detection powder can be used if you suspect a problem with your baghouse or you want to make leak testing a part of your preventative maintenance schedule. Routine leak testing is an important way to detect failed filters, cracked tube sheets or bad bag seals. Using leak powder can help you avoid catastrophic problems that, if left undetected, can cost you considerable time and money.

CPE stocks six different fluorescent colors of leak detection powder in:

  • 5 lb. buckets
  • 25 lb. buckets
  • 300 lb. drums (55 gallon)

How does Leak Detection Powder Work?

The fluorescent dye can be used in conjunction with our baby blue and black light pens. Simply start by introducing the leak detection powder into the dirty air stream. As the powder travels through the baghouse, it passes through the leaking areas and accumulates on the clean side of the collector. All bags are then inspected with an ultraviolet light. The powder gives off an intense fluorescent glow under the black light, not only pinpointing leaks in bags, seam and welds, but also identifying future problem areas, thus potentially eliminating unnecessary bag changes and unscheduled down-time.

Contact Us to learn how routine leak testing can become a part of your baghouse’s preventative maintenance schedule.