Spring Assemblies

Linear Spring AssembliesC.P. Environmental (CPE) supplies spring assemblies for support and tensioning in reverse air baghouses. Very little consideration was previously given to the type of design of the tensioning devices used in the reverse air dust collectors that were installed by the OEMs. This resulted in poor filter bag life and ineffective cleaning. At CPE, we have solved that problem with our custom tensioning assemblies.

Our assemblies will help you achieve longer bag life, increased air volume and increase the effective air-to-cloth ratio, all while decreasing down time, lowering operating & maintenance costs, and dropping the rate at which your filters become plugged. Re-tensioning services are also available.

Contact Us to learn more about our full range of baghouse products and services. Let CPE be your source for replacement filter bags, pleated filters, cartridge filters, cages, venturis, clamps, spring assemblies, baghouse parts & accessories, and leak detection powder.