Update On CP Environmental and Your Baghouse in this COVID-19 Environment

Monday, April 27, 2020

Mike Schmidt, VP of Service and Jason Wettstaedt, Senior Vice President, Dry Filtration, wanted to take the opportunity to update you on Baghouse Service & Maintenance during this unprecedented time. We care about our customers’ health and well-being and our employees’ safety and are adhering strictly to Risk Mitigation guidelines set forth by the CDC and WHO. Our entire business is based on your peace of-mind.

Dry Filter Service Worker
  • The proper use of all PPE is integral to the CPE Service environment. Our service crews and crew members have received COVID-19 specific training and adhere to the proper usage of gloves, safety glasses, and respirators at all times.
  • Safety is #1 and all on-site safety meetings are being held outside with a minimum distance of six feet apart between individuals.
  • We are purposefully limiting the number of service crew members working on a specific task in the same area
  • We are minimizing congregation including no gathering after work, including in hotel rooms.

Your Peace of Mind.


Dry Filter Bag serviceFor the reliability and performance of your baghouse system, we recommend that you continue to adhere as much as possible to your regular baghouse maintenance and outage schedules. 

Because we are committed to your peace-of-mind, CPE has continued to support our customers’ service requests and outage projects during this trying time.

Proper baghouse inspections and routine maintenance are key to air pollution control, risk mitigation, and overall system performance. Even in this COVID-19 environment, we believe that regularly scheduled inspections and filter bag changeouts are critical to preventing costlier, unscheduled events.

Dry Filter Bag serviceYou can continue to rely on CP Environmental during this time for:

Our filter media manufacturing operations are fully up and running and we are adhering to all the Risk Mitigation procedures for ensuring the quality of our filter bags and the health and well-being of our team.

Filter Bag Sewing

Contact us to ensure that, especially in this unprecedented time for our country, you are staying on-track with baghouse maintenance, taking advantage of our certified crews’ expertise and our high-quality, industry-leading filter media for your changeouts.