Dust Control and Steel Mills: Baghouse Solutions

Thursday, February 13, 2020
Baghouse Solutions for Steel Mills

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group excels in the manufacture of high-quality, high-performance filter media for a host of dry filtration applications such as air pollution control (APC) and the reliable reduction of emissions for steel mills, non-ferrous metal production, and foundries. Micronics has a state-of-the-art filter media manufacturing facility in centrally-located Chattanooga, TN that allows CPE to provide you with just the proper filter media for optimal dust removal in metallurgical production facilities.

Choosing the correct filter media for your operation is critical to minimizing downtime and optimizing baghouse performance!

In steel production, particulate matter (PM) can be generated in many parts of the operation including Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) and Ladle Metallurgy Furnaces (LMF). The characteristics of the particulate will vary based on the process; proper media selection is critical to achieving long filter media life, baghouse performance, and environmental compliance.

EAF & LMF Filter Media Requirements

For EAF Baghouses & LMF applications, specific requirements for filter media include:

• Resistance to hydrolysis
• Resistance to sparks
• Abrasion resistance
• The capture of fine particulate matter
• Durability and reliability through the cleaning cycles
• Particulate Matter (PM) compliance

Filter Media for the Steel Industry

Did you know that C.P. Environmental offers you high-quality, well-constructed filter bags in a range of fabrics such as fiberglass and aramids and special finishes to reduce the effect of sparks, provide resistance to high-temperature environments, provide resistance to acidic gases, and provide you with longer bag life?

Ask the experts at CPE about our ePTFE membrane laminates, spark resistant, and acid-resistant (AR) finishes!

For the steel industry, we offer:

  • Reverse Air Filter Bags
  • Pulse Jet Dust Collector Bags
  • Shaker Bags
  • Cartridge Filters

Custom Filters for Steel Industry Applications

C.P. Environmental will work with you to optimize filter media solutions for your baghouse operation and dust collector design. We manufacture our filter bags custom to your baghouse and will work with your team to ensure proper fit to your tube sheet construction, tension assembly (for Reverse Air systems), and cage construction (for Pulse Jet systems).

In addition to filter media for steel production, we are well-known for the quality and reliability of our industry-leading baghouse services including filter bag changeout services, and ongoing maintenance and repairs of dust collectors in EAF and LMF applications. The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is a one-stop-shop for air pollution control media and baghouse services for steel production as well as for non-ferrous metal production.

Mike Schmidt, Jason Wettstaedt and the entire helpful, knowledgeable, dry filtration team at CPE are here to meet your facility’s air pollution control needs. You can trust CPE and the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group to help you with APC compliance to ensure cleaner air, a safer work environment for employees at the plants, and safer neighborhoods surrounding the plants.

Contact Us to put our filter media expertise & baghouse services expertise to work in your metallurgical processing applications including steel and non-ferrous metal industries.