Waste-to-Energy Facilities Benefit from Micronics’ Air Pollution Control Solutions

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

There are many market choices available for power generation here in the United States and the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group has a proud history of providing air pollution control solutions across this diverse range of technologies from serving Energy-from-Waste (Waste-to-Energy) facilities to facilities where energy is generated from fossil fuels including petroleum and coal.

Plastic Waste

MSW used to produce energy at WTE plants consists of materials such as these non-biomass combustible plastics.

Municipal solid waste (MSW) – commonly known as trash or garbage – is used to produce energy at Waste-to-Energy plants. Generating Energy-from-Waste is both a strategy for waste management as well as power generation solution, and our pollution control capabilities clearly bolster and support our customers’ stated environmental objectives. Did you know that in 2015, U.S. Waste-to-Energy plants burned ~ 29 million tons of waste and generated nearly 14 billion kilowatt hours of electricity? (Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration).

Baghouse RepairsBesides our comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for Air Pollution Control (APC) systems, we also offer all types of replacement filter elements and mechanical accessories such as dampers, expansion joints, and cleaning system components, depending upon your equipment and operational demands. We are committed to partnering with you to consistently control air emissions without excursions.

Whether your APC system is collecting dust on a coal-conveying system, fly ash from a renewable biomass-to-energy process, or the process is a high-sulfur coal-fired stoker boiler, The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group of companies – United Process Control, C.P. Environmental, and Southern Filter Media (SFM) – has the dry filtration expertise to deal with the challenges of these diverse processes.

To discuss our extensive maintenance, repair and filtration solutions, please plan to visit with us at the upcoming NAWTEC 2017 on April 24 – 27 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can find United Process Control and C.P. Environmental exhibiting at booth #204. Glenn, Chris, and Jason will be there to meet with you. Contact us to set up an appointment in advance, if you would like.