Benefits of Certified Welding and Complex Mechanical Repair Services for Your Industrial Dust Collector

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welding ServicesWhile your company may have a top-of-the-line industrial dust collection system, as dust collectors get older, they can experience wear and tear that can have a negative impact on filter bag life, overall Air Pollution Control (APC) system performance, environmental compliance, and workplace safety.

Regular inspections, along with appropriate diagnostics and troubleshooting of the air pollution control systems is a critical part of ensuring system integrity and optimal performance.

It is extremely important to schedule regular baghouse inspections. Here are just three areas that can benefit from regular baghouse inspections and use of trained, certified mechanical and welding services.

  • Cleaning System: Your collector’s cleaning system is designed to efficiently clean the filter bags of accumulated dust and particulates. While there are several different dust collector systems to choose from – Pulse Jet, Shaker and Reverse-Air – it is always important to ensure that the cleaning system is always operating properly. Otherwise, dust will continue to collect on the filter bags with varying consequences including the release of emissions to the environment, and increased health & safety hazards to employees from the ambient dust/particulate matter.
  • Visible Emissions: When you can see any kind of particulate coming from your dust collector, it is safe to assume that the integrity and efficiency of the system have been compromised in some fashion. A visible leak of particulate matter may result from any number of problems, from a rupture in the system housing to a leak, break or rupture of a filter bag. Whether the source of the problem is in the ductwork, the hopper, or the cleaning system, repairs performed by trained and certified baghouse experts can increase the life of the dust collector exponentially and, critically, curtail the visible emissions.
  • Overall Structural Integrity: An important part of the regular inspection process is ensuring the overall structural integrity of your dust collector. This includes looking for signs of wear, metal fatigue and corrosion in housings, tube sheets, duct work, dampers, pulse pipes, expansion joints, and fan housings. It includes identifying and repairing bad welds, and replacing nuts and bolts that are problematic. Breaches in collector structure can lead to premature bag failures, operational shortfalls, dust emissions, and harmful exposure to hazardous material. With regular inspections and repairs performed by qualified personnel, any major structural issues can be addressed before deterioration becomes severe or an excursion occurs.

While normal wear-and-tear is natural for a mechanical system, it isn’t always necessary to invest in replacing or upgrading your dust collector. Often, what you need is regular, good, old-fashioned maintenance and repairs. Why not let the qualified baghouse maintenance professionals including our licensed and certified welders – at C.P. Environmental and sister company, United Process Control – help address these issues?

Our professionals can address any concern you have about your dust collector’s operation. From an initial inspection of your dust collector to regularly scheduled filter bag change-outs and replacing corroded cages to upgrading the system entirely, we can offer a cost-saving solution to any problem you encounter with your APC system. In addition, we can perform a thorough inspection and provide preventative maintenance to your system before you experience any problems. We understand the costs associated with unplanned outages.

We can also perform inspections, maintenance and repairs on Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs), commonly used in coal-fired power plants where the ash particulate is often very hot and wet. Our professionals can also perform inspections and repairs on your wet and dry scrubbers (flue gas desulfurization).

Contact us or call us at 800.915.1273 to learn more about how we can help with the quality of your industrial operation and keep your environmental, worker health and safety, and housekeeping costs as low as possible.